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Investment Club – Episode 39

Equity markets rose this week across the world. Inflation in the US appears to be peaking, whilst Japan’s new Prime Minister reassures the market. China sees a muted week in markets, whilst shares in Europe and UK rally, despite the continued concerns about inflation.

Investment Club – An Interview with Omnis’ Chief Investment Officer

Robert Jeffree, our Chief Investment Officer, recently celebrated his 1-year anniversary at Omnis and I took the opportunity to sit down with him and talk about Omnis.

Investment Club – Episode 37

Equity markets rose this week, helped by US congress agreeing to increase the US debt ceiling temporarily allowing the US to avoid defaulting on its debt payments until early December. Inflationary pressures continue to be front and centre of investors’ minds.

Investment Club – Episode 36

It was a mixed week in markets. Pessimism and interest rate fears in the US weighed markets down.

Investment Club – Episode 35

It was a mixed week in markets, dominated by news of China’s second-largest property developer Evergrande’s debt problems. At the same time, global economies are facing a slowing in economic growth with inflation rising sharply.

Investment Club – Episode 34

Overall markets fell this week with key data coming out across the world. In the US, inflation appears to be falling.

Investment Club – Episode 33

Investors’ attention continued to focus on central banks looking for hints as to when they might start tapering financial support, ahead of interest rate rises.

Investment Club – Episode 32

It was a muted week for markets, with the except of Japan, driven by mixed economic numbers. In the US, reports on the labour market delivered underwhelming numbers, whilst inflation in Europe continues to pick up.

Investment Club – Episode 31

Overall, it was a negative week for markets globally. Worries over tighter central bank policy in the US and fears that economic growth could be peaking weighed on investor sentiment. This comes at a time when the highly contagious delta variant continues to disrupt supply chains and add to uncertainty.

Investment Club – What does inflation mean for bonds? – Deep Dive

Our latest episode of The Omnis Investment Club podcast is now available - a special interview with Tim Foster, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity International. As our guest this week, Tim discusses all things inflation and fixed income. We explore the inflation environment in more detail - why it has picked up dramatically, whether it's transitory and what it means for bonds.

Investment Club – Episode 30

Stock markets enjoyed a positive week. In the absence of much notable economic news, most market indices ground higher.

Investment Club – Episode 29

Stock markets enjoyed a positive week. Strong economic data and a slew of upbeat company earnings reports were enough to offset concerns over the continued spread of the delta variant and talk of central banks ending their extraordinary support packages.

Investment Club – Episode 28

It was a challenging week for markets globally, driven by continued news that the pace of the global economic growth is slowing, exacerbated by the spread of the delta variant and the impact this could have on economic growth.

Investment Club – Episode 27

It was a mixed week for markets globally. Most markets fell at the start of the week, but many recovered those losses. The spread of the delta variant and the likelihood that growth is slowing has impacted markets, but we saw some positive economic data coming out of Europe and some optimism return in the US as companies reported earnings.

Investment Club – Episode 26 – Deep Dive

On today's episode of The Omnis Investment Club podcast, the tables have turned...and instead of Rohit Vaswani interviewing a guest, he is put in the hot seat - joined by Setul Mehta, Head of Business Development Operations at The Openwork Partnership. Setul challenges him on all things investments - Omnis, mutual funds, asset classes, Bitcoin and much more.

Investment Club – Episode 25

It was a tough week for markets. Stocks on both sides of the Atlantic met their worst weekly performance in at least a month due to fears about the rapid spread of the Delta variant of coronavirus. We also saw higher inflation being reported in the UK and the US which weighed on markets during the week.

Investment Club – Episode 24

Markets last week were concerned about a slowdown in economic growth, which became more concerning amidst rising Covid-19 cases globally. Despite a sharp decline in markets in the middle of the week, most appear to have recovered, ending the week flat or mildly positive.

Investment Club – Episode 23

It was a mixed week for markets globally. Strong economic data has driven positive investor sentiment this week. This has been somewhat dampened by rises in infection rates due to the ‘delta’ variant of the coronavirus. Unemployment in many parts of the world appears to be coming down.

Investment Club – Episode 22

After a difficult week for markets in the previous week, inflation fears appear to have calmed down this week, triggering most global markets to post gains last week. Countries continue on their path to reopening their economies wrapping up the first half of the year with an optimistic tone.

Investment Club – Episode 21

Rohit Vaswani takes a look at last week's stock markets and economic data. The US Central Bank, The Federal Reserve, indicated that it may raise interest rates sooner than previously expected, sending markets globally tumbling down.

Investment Club – Episode 20

Rohit Vaswani takes a look at last week's stock markets and economic data.

Investment Club – Episode 19 – An interview with Barings

On this week's Omnis Investment Club interview special, we're delighted to welcome Rosemary Simmonds, Investment Manager at Barings onto the podcast.

Investment Club – Episode 18

This week, Colin Gellatly, Deputy CIO takes a look at last week's stock markets and economic data.

Investment Club – Episode 17

Rohit Vaswani takes a look at last week's stock markets and economic data.

Investment Club – Episode 16

This week Rohit Vaswani takes another longer look at last week's stock markets and economic data.

Investment Club – Episode 15

This week Rohit Vaswani takes another longer look at last week's stock markets and economic data.

Investment Club – Episode 14

This week Rohit Vaswani takes a longer look at last week's stock markets and economic data. It was a challenging week for markets despite overall positive economic news.

Investment Club – Episode 13

Rohit Vaswani speaks to Nabeel Abdoula, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Fulcrum Asset Management. The fund has recently began investing in the Climate Change theme and Nabeel talks to us about the investment opportunity.

Investment Club – Episode 12

Rohit Vaswani reviews stock markets, consumer sentiment, economic data and speaks to Dominic Johnson, CEO of Somerset Capital Management, investment manager for the Omnis Global Emerging Markets Equity Opportunities Fund.

Investment Club – Episode 11

As we begin to close the first quarter of 2021, we mix things up in this week's Monday Investment Club Podcast.

Investment Club – Episode 10

Rohit Vaswani reviews last week and talks to Jonathan Gosling, Investment Manager about fixed income as an asset class and they discuss the Fixed Income funds available at Omnis.

Investment Club – Episode 9

Rory Maguire, Managing Director of Fundhouse delves into the hot topic of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing - what it is, and how we approach it at Omnis.

Investment Club – Episode 8

In this week's Investment Club Podcast we review what was a mixed week for global stock markets, dominated by stimulus packages, inflation concerns and the easing of restrictions. We also explore last week's Spring Budget - and what this means for investors.

Investment Club – Episode 7

Do Cryptocurrencies belong in diversified portfolios? This week, Rohit Vaswani looks at what was a challenging week for stock markets and is joined by Ben Popatlal, Strategist at Schroders to explore Cryptocurrencies as an investment.

Investment Club – Episode 6

This week Jonathan Gosling, Investment Manager at Omnis Investments joins the conversation. We take a look at the news from last week and explore the last 12 months from an investment perspective – what themes have performed well for investors?

Investment Club – Episode 5

In this week’s episode, Rohit Vaswani is joined by our Chief Investment Officer, Robert Jeffree, as they look at the current state of the UK economy and discuss what may happen from here.

Investment Club – Episode 4

Sherry Qin from Fidelity International, based in Shanghai shares her views on the Chinese economy and identifies investable themes as China prepares itself to bring in the Year of the Ox.

Investment Club – Episode 3

Reddit traders spark a short squeeze and unnerve equity markets, with last week being the worst week for many stock markets since October 2020. Meanwhile, Europe’s vaccination row intensifies as the UK inoculation pace speeds up. In the US, Biden signs ‘Buy American’ Executive Order.

Investment Club – Episode 2

The Monday Investment Club Episode 2 - President Joe Biden.

Investment Club – Episode 1

Rohit Vaswani, Client Portfolio Manager and talks to Robert Jeffree Chief Investment Officer and Colin Gellatly, Deputy Chief Investment Officer.

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