Our Financial Planning Process

Our carefully designed financial planning process has been developed to create clearly defined and easy to understand stages that focus on aligning your life aspirations with your financial investments. We work closely with you to gather all the information needed to ensure that a tailored financial plan is developed for you, and we maintain regular communication with you.

Stage 1

Your Goals

We establish your life goals, personal circumstances, aspirations and concerns.

Stage 2

Your Information

We collect all relevant personal and financial data and establish your perceived risks.

Stage 3


We assess your current position and how you have arrived there, with the intention of making a recommendation on the type of products that will best suit your needs.

Stage 4

Design Your Strategy

Having completed the preparatory work, we will prepare a personal report and recommendations, then set out different strategies which can be used to get you where you want to be.

Stage 5


We agree the plan to implement the strategy to help you achieve your objectives over a given period of time.

Stage 6

Regular Reviews

If you choose, we will meet on an ongoing basis to assess your strategy and implement the next steps in your plan.

Marian was professional and showed us a lot of dedication towards supporting us. We were well informed throughout the process. Very happy.

Mr J, Customer, Harlow, Essex