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Rafi Khan

Mortgage Broker & Protection Adviser in East Ham, London

Career & Qualifications

I started my career in Financial Industry as Personal Banker in 2007 and after serving in various roles within the industry, I have decided to specialise in mortgage and protection advice. I have completed my certificate in Mortgage & Protection advice from Chartered Insurance Institute and Masters in Banking and Finance from Preston University (USA).

During my career so far, I have worked with a variety of people from different backgrounds with different needs and objectives. My aim has always been to build a successful and reliable business relationship by paying attention, understanding individual needs and delivering a right and effective solution on time to protect my clients and their love ones from various potential future risks.

Key Specialisations

At Thomas Oliver I offer mortgage advice covering residential or home purchases, first-time-buyers mortgages and commercial mortgages including buy to let and let to buy. I also can offer assistance with right to buy mortgages and portfolio mortgages. As a mortgage & protection advisor, I also offer protection advice including life insurance, serious and critical illness cover, income and family protection policies.


I am a family man and like spending time with family along with socialising with friends. I like volunteering my time for Humanity First, a registered international charity working in different part of the world focusing in various charitable work. I also volunteer for Charity Walk For Peace which helps various UK based charities to raise funds to carry on with their valuable work for humanity i.e British Royal Elegance and MacMillan cancer research etc. I am also a keen learner and take interest in learning languages. I am multilingual and can speak several Asian languages: Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Mirpuri, Potohaari.


Love For All Hatred For None: I take great pride in serving humanity and feel satisfied whenever I am able to help in any shape or form be it in social or financial matters.

East Ham, London

East Ham, London

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