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Monday 22 February, 2021

Omnis Investments is a specialist investment company providing high quality investment solutions. Their funds are available exclusively through the financial advisers of Openwork Limited and 2Plan Wealth Management. Thomas Oliver is a client of Openwork Limited, so our customers benefit from the investment expertise of Omnis managers.

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Learn more about Omnis Investments

Omnis Investments work with leading global investment management firms to offer a range of funds across different asset classes and regions. The investment managers of each fund have been appointed by Omnis following a rigorous selection process. Using a wide range of market data and expert independent analysis, the Omnis investment team oversees each of the funds, ensuring the manager delivers over the long-term against the objectives of the funds. Omnis funds are run on an active basis, which means the managers are free to select the individual investments they think will help them to outperform their segment of the market.

Omnis review their fund managers and make changes where necessary

Where necessary, Omnis can appoint new investment managers on any of its funds at any point, following the same rigorous selection process. The advantage of this approach is that, should it be appropriate to replace any fund manager, this can be done without the need to move your money from one fund to another. It remains invested in the same Omnis fund and we simply appoint a new investment manager to manage the investments. The Investment Team works closely with each of the Omnis investment managers and has full visibility of the composition of each of the funds. So, as potential opportunities and threats emerge and market conditions evolve, the team understands how each of the fund managers is responding.

The Investment Team is overseen by the Omnis Board which contains a great deal of investment knowledge. Its members include senior individuals from Omnis and Openwork who are supported by external investment professionals, whose skills and expertise provide wider perspectives.

Tracy Dove, Financial Adviser in Laindon & Basildon said:

‘We are delighted that our Thomas Oliver clients can benefit from the Omnis Investment choices available through Openwork Limited. Having a dedicated investment company to review fund choices enables our qualified financial advisers to concentrate on financial planning for our clients. Our financial planners offer you personalised investment advice. We review your financial situation, your attitude to risk and how long you intend to invest your savings before we recommend suitable investment products. Remember if you want to invest in equity-based investments, we always recommend that you invest for the long-term, over five years as the value of any investments can go down as well as up.

Tracy Dove, Financial Adviser in Essex and Exeter continued: 

‘As a financial adviser working with clients in North London it’s my responsibility to make sure all my clients invest tax efficiently. As we approach the end of the tax year on April 5th, I am reminding my clients to invest in their ISA. Individual Savings Accounts enable individuals to invest up to £20,000 tax free (couples can invest £40,000), any interest you earn from cash savings or gains from investments are tax-free. If you open a Stocks & Shares ISA, your investments will be free from Capital Gains Tax. It is also important to regularly review your pension contributions. If you work and save into a personal pension, the government will give you tax relief on any pension investments. Tax relief is paid on your pension contributions at the highest rate of income tax you pay. For example, a basic rate tax-payer gets 20% pension tax relief, higher rate tax payers can claim 40% tax relief. If you want to invest tax efficiently, please contact one of our financial advisers on 01707 872000. We offer a no obligations initial consultation to discuss your circumstances before offering you financial advice.’

Listen to the Investment Club Podcast for the latest on events that may affect your Investments.

In Summary

Call the Thomas Oliver financial advisers for investment planning advice. Find out more about Omnis Investments, their ideas and the views of some of the managers behind the funds in their portfolios.

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