The unseen value of free support services you can access

Wednesday 23 August, 2023

The unseen value of free support services you can access

If something unexpected were to happen, insurance products and policies can provide valuable peace of mind to you and your family. This could include being too sick to work, suffering a life-threatening illness, or death.

In addition, insurance products often also include a wide range of practical and emotional support services. Many of these additional benefits are available at no extra cost and can be used by your family members too. These extra benefits are usually available as soon as your policy starts and remain open to you and your family until the policy ends. This kind of added value is automatically built into your insurance policies but can often be forgotten about or overlooked.

Although the type of complementary services will depend on both the policy and the insurance provider, they tend to be fairly similar and could include:

Medical related services

  • 24/7 access to a doctor through a virtual consultation
  • An expert second medical opinion on your diagnosis
  • Private prescription services
  • Medical care while abroad

Counselling services

  • Mental health and other support services – usually remote and without a long wait
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Support to help you get back to work

Preventative services

  • Nutritional support
  • Health checks

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