Why should you consider Private Medical Insurance

Wednesday 13 December, 2023

With the NHS under greater strain than ever, more people are looking to private medical insurance, for viable and affordable peace of mind.

Private medical insurance covers the cost of private healthcare. It does not compete with the NHS; it complements it to offer:

  • Reduced waiting times
  • Breakthrough treatments and medications
  • More comfort - with private en-suite rooms instead of wards
  • More flexibility - to choose when and where you receive treatment
  • Digital GP – peace of mind from the comfort of your own home
  • Guaranteed access to quick cancer treatment

Four good reasons we should all be considering health insurance

Ron French, Mortgage and Protection Adviser in Reading, Berkshire provides four good reasons why you should consider health insurance:

1. Waiting times

Nearly 8 million people are on NHS waiting lists and the number forced to wait more than 12 months for treatment has soared over 330,000. Avoiding waiting times is one of the biggest draws of health insurance for many. Having time out from normal life due to an illness is hard enough, imagine waiting so long to even begin treatment.

2. Breakthrough treatments

If you or your family were seriously ill, you would want the absolute best treatments, medicines, facilities and consultants for them. Private Medical Insurance offers access to some breakthrough treatments which are not yet available on the NHS, due to cost - even for cancer. It also offers access to the best hospitals and consultants in the country and the flexibility to choose where and when you would like to receive treatment.

3. It’s probably cheaper than you think

Many clients are surprised to find that health insurance policies are much more affordable than they imagined. Our expert advisers can find the perfect policy to suit your budget and can find much cheaper premiums for your specific circumstances. The expert advice you receive is completely free, no obligation and we offer a price match guarantee. Find out what you could save.

4. Prioritising your health

Many of the day-to-day things we spend our earnings on, would pale into insignificance at the diagnosis of a serious illness or injury for you or your family. If you want to prioritise your health and be proactive about protecting it, health insurance is an affordable and accessible way to do it. Whilst we respect and support the NHS and the hard-working individuals within the organisation, the service is stretched, and there is a faster, better alternative.

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