The tour is setting off next week...

Thomas Oliver Charity Update – The Magical Taxi Tour

Thursday 8 September, 2022

Just one week before the Magical Taxi Tour sets out

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The Magical Taxi Tour is a fantastic charity that devotes their hard work each year to providing children who are sadly suffering chronic debilitating illnesses a three-day trip of a lifetime to Disney® Paris. 

Thomas Oliver is proud to be supporting the latest trip which is due to leave Canary Wharf in London on Friday 16th September. Having left London, the children will head to Dover where they will enjoy a trip on the ferry to Calais.

From Calais, the Magical Taxi Tour and excited children will head to Disney® Paris via Assevilliers and Paris.

Debbie Bell, Financial Services Director in Cheshunt said: 

“Supporting this wonderful charity has always been important to our team at Thomas Oliver. All our mortgage advisers take a great deal of satisfaction knowing that the money raised will help provide the children with an amazing 3 days and will bring such happiness to them and their families”

Debbie went on to say “we would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet donated to this great cause to do so now, it’s not too late to help out this amazing charity”. 

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Charitable fund-raising update!

In addition to supporting the wonderful work of the Magical Taxi Tour, we are delighted to be able to provide a further update with our support of the Hertfordshire Community Foundation (HCF). 

We have raised a further £660 to help HCF in their ongoing work to support small charities, voluntary groups, and individuals across Hertfordshire.

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